Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No Tax Tuesday: What don't they tax?

I was checking over some bills again today and making sure I had them correctly entered in my bill pay account with my bank. I noticed again how many little things get taxed. Even my electricity. I live in an all electric complex so that is my only source of power. 

The Bostonians Paying the Excise ManImage via Wikipedia
Why should we be taxed on standard necessary items such as electricity, gas and water? For a government to tax it's people on things that people can not realistically do without is nothing short of oppressive!

To tax us on items we must us means when I purchase something I must have to keep my family warm or cool and fed the government is charging us every time we provide for our families.

Yes, I know we are not supposed to be taxed for food. But, beware, when the government intrudes upon us by seeking to legislate how much salt is in our food it will not belong that they will seek to pay to the salt csar or salt police with funds directly from food.

Finally, what is the government doing with the money they already have? Is the worlds largest bueracrocy know for fiscal control and getting the most bang for our bucks? The answer to that is a "gimme." I work for the second largest school district in the nation. Waste, mismanagement, poor financial choices, political placement  of administrative positions, all marks of a government bureaucracy that demonstrate waste.

The government does not need or deserve more money. I agree with the tea party, we  are "Taxed Enough Already!"

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