Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burn a Koran?

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OK, so there is a pastor in Florida who wants to hold a Burn a Koran day. It kinda sounds like a South Park episode. The press is all over it, like hyenas to a fresh kill.  General David Patraeus is worried it might endanger the troops. My local fishwrap described the Reverends church as "a church that espouses an anti-Islam philosophy." 

So, we have a pastor of a Christian church that does not agree with the Islam belief system that describes Christians as infidels. This is where our press and my fellow Americans of the liberal wing are naive if not simply way off. To Islam we are not good. We are the evil, we are the infidels, we are the bad guys simply because we allow people to choose to believe, or not believe as they see fit. The Jihad was not a "Oh don't hurt me Mr. Crusader" deal. The Jihad was and is a scabbard to the neck, "Would you like to be a Muslim?" experience. You do not get choices to believe or not believe in Islamic countries. Islam is different than Christianity, that is why America fosters freedom and Islamic countries do not.

Although I think the Koran is false and obviously does not lead to peace and harmony, I don't believe burning a Koran will have the ultimate effect that Pastor Jones wants.The question is does he have a right to do so? If people can burn flags and Bibles, why not Korans? 

If the concern is over what the radical Islamic factions will do, then it is a matter of appeasement. Why should 
America appease terrorists? Isn't that the essence of terrorism, to threaten others into submission? 

I do not believe you can ever find peace via appeasement, because terrorists are just global bullies. Bullies just bully more, as do terrorists. I know I am kinda of all over the place on this, but, whether Rev. Jones burns or doesn't burn Korans will not change how Islamic believers or terrorists feel about Americans. The question is will America be terrorized by the scabbard of radical Islamic beliefs or will we stand for freedom.

Unfortunately, the only language bullies and terrorists speak and understand is violence. So, how do you defeat a bully, a terrorist? Walk softly and carry a big bomb.

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