Monday, August 2, 2010

Are you for us or against us?

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Are you for us or are you against us? Simple question. Simple answer; yes or no.
Can someone be anti-American and be an American? Doesn't that sound...contradictory? It does to me. Yet, what I hear some groups saying sounds a lot like that.

Have you heard of LA RAZA? They are a group that basically doesn't believe in borders and profess anti-imperialism bla bla bla. Throw in some Marxist ideology, blame European whites for all your troubles and call yourself a re-conquistador and there you have it, LA RAZA.

What makes this sort of treasonous spittle dangerous is that it is being forced upon High School students by revisionist History teachers on a daily basis. I have a real problem with this. History teachers should be teaching the History and values of the United States of America, not a group that is set at destroying it. Honestly, I think any teacher that teaches such ideas should have their credentials taken away. I am a teacher and an proud American citizen.

Really, if you don't like America, go someplace else. I'm sure any other country would love to have large groups of anti-imperialist Marxist teachers influencing  their children. I'll bet any Central American or South American country would gladly take them all. If not, maybe Cuba?

Even Tony Blair, the former liberal Prime Minister of Great Britain basically said if immigrants didn't agree with British ideals they were free to go somewhere else. But, here in the USA we have a different form of liberal, the kind where the wife of the President to be wasn't proud to be an American. I am more than a little concerned that this faction has such freedom. As Americans we do have freedom, but not freedom to destroy American ideals from within and teach them to impressionable children.

America, we need to do some house cleaning. More on LA RAZA tomorrow.

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