Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Southwest under Mexican Rule?

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I am going to harp on this just a bit more. Just what is it that some people believe is so great and superior about the Mexican government in comparison to the United States of America that some groups like La Raza and MALDEF want to return the entire southwest back to Mexican rule? Now Mexico may be a great vacation destination and honestly most people I know who are Mexican citizens or of Mexican decent are good, honest people. But Mexico and politics that's different. No thanks.One "export" we seem to be dealing with way too much is drugs, illegal drugs. My local newspaper had this to say about Mexico’s war on drugs:

The most recent official toll of the drug war dead came in mid-June, when the attorney general said 24,800 had died. Valdes did not specify a time frame for the new statistics.
The government does not regularly break down murder statistics, but leading newspapers who kept their own counts say last month was the deadliest yet under Calderon: According to national daily Milenio, 1,234 were killed in July. The Mexican government says most victims were involved in the drug trade.  – Daily Breeze

Now there is also rumor of a multi-million dollar hit out on the famous Sherriff Joe from Arizona! Well, there you go, another fine demonstration of the awesome way things would be if we just let La Raza have its’ way; more killings, more drugs, maybe even the legalization of drugs.  No thank you.

More to come: The nation?

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