Friday, July 30, 2010

What's thine is mine, the liberal way.

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Every now and then something happens that just crystallizes a particular idea I have. Yesterday, I had one of those moments.

One of my co-workers is a liberal. She claims to be conservative personally, but, a liberal politically. That is sort of like being on a diet when you are not eating but a glutton when you are eating.

As we are working a "client" enters the room. We are supposed to have all our "clients" sign-in whenever they come by. She looks around for a pen and sees she does not have one. She asks me if I have one. Of course I do, as an ex-construction worker, I know to never come to work without my tools. Apparently she has never been sent back home without pay for not bringing her tools. Anyways, I look for one of my extra ones that I wouldn't mind not receiving back, because of course this is not the first time there has been a pen shortage in the office.  She sees a nice  gel tip pen (which I was reaching for to give her),  points at it and declares, "Give me that one, you have two!" (Spoken with just a bit of attitude like I would be selfish for having thought ahead and brought not one but two pens to work in case one ran out of ink.)

"Spoken like a true liberal." I replied. "I have two, you forgot to bring your own so what is mine is yours because you think you have the right to redistribute my pen wealth. Back in the day we used to call taking something that wasn't yours stealing. How liberal of you."

My colleagues response; her mouth stayed shut (which normally does not), and she closed her eyes because she knew I called it right.

Now, I know it was just a pen, all was said in fun, but, the truth is, liberals do believe they have the right to decide who keeps what. I earn it, you earn it , liberals give it to whom they see fit.

No thanks.  I rather be free to give a pen than have my government steal it from me.

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