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Bad Call by the Judge on Prop. 8

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This article by Craig Huey was so good I just had to share it. Thanks Craig for a rational discussion.

Ruling labels sexual orientation as a “civil right”

A historical ruling by U.S. District Court Chief Judge Vaughn Walker said Proposition 8 was unconstitutional…again overturning two votes by the people of California showing that they want marriage to be between one man and one woman only.

This historic case is now on its way to the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and could eventually go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

No other political decision to change American society even comes close to the impact of this one.

This decision affects every marriage law in America. All 45 states that uphold traditional marriage are now in danger of having this institution overturned by judges.

By overturning the people’s vote, the judge has declared that this is not a republic—it is an oligarchy ruled by judges. More specifically, it is ruled by judges who create law regardless of the will of the people.

The Proposition 8 trial was biased from the start, beginning with Judge Walker…a homosexual himself…creating a circus in his courtroom, where Christianity and the church were on trial.

The judge’s decision is redefining same-sex marriage as a civil right; this new definition will radically change our society.

This is not a civil rights issue; it’s an issue of choice. Judge Walker based his decision on a distorted view of civil liberties.

Just as you can’t discriminate against people based on their race, you also can’t discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.

But choosing one’s personal sexual behavior isn’t the same as what defines one’s race.

Redesigning society based on this confusion—that a chosen sexual orientation is no different from the unchosen, unchangeable characteristic of race—is based on faulty and dangerous reasoning.

There are some things we don’t choose. No one can choose his or her race or height—any more than he or she can choose any gene.

Whom we enter into a relationship with, however, is voluntary—it’s a matter of free will.

Homosexual behavior is a choice, not a civil right. Race is not a choice, and is a civil right.

Now, because of the court’s decision based on newly created civil rights, our religious liberty and freedom of speech are in danger.

If this decision is not overturned, watch for costly lawsuits to mount against churches if they don’t allow homosexual weddings.

And, watch out for more churches, religious organizations and pastors to grow increasingly reluctant to speak out against what they call the sin of homosexuality for fear of accusations of hate speech, discrimination and civil rights violations.

Plus, this will affect religious employees, Christian schools and bookstores, photographers, wedding-cake bakers, rental agencies and other businesses—all of them could be targets of ruinous lawsuits.

In New Mexico, Elaine Huguenin, a professional wedding photographer, was fined and found guilty of discrimination for not wanting to photograph a lesbian wedding.

And two doctors in San Diego were sued for refusing to inseminate a lesbian woman. They referred her to another doctor. After she had the child, she sued, winning her civil rights case that would force the doctors to act against their own freedom of conscience.

In the coming months, expect the media, politicians, various experts and the homosexual lobby to frame the decision as a civil rights issue, not an issue to protect our society and our kids, or to uphold the benefits and value of marriage.

For example:

* We’ll be labeled divisive, intolerant and hateful.
* Opposition to the sin of homosexuality will be called bigoted.
* Celebrities and well-known politicians will grab media attention to denounce us.
* Christian love and the Bible’s truth will be distorted and questioned.
* We’ll be accused of being mean-spirited for not letting two people who are in love get married.

Our response must be patient, loving and focused on being pro-Biblical marriage. We must not hesitate to tell the truth about the sin of homosexuality. But the issue is being pro-marriage.

As Christians, we must reject the media’s stereotyping of us as angry and hateful towards homosexuals.

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    if you want to exclude gays from marrying, do it from within your own church. dont impose the will of one religion on a nation built on separation of church and state