Tuesday, August 3, 2010

La Raza gets its' wish...

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OK, just for sake of argument, let's say that La Raza gets their wish, they "re-conquer" the entire tri-state area  (wait that's Professor Dufenshmirtz) I mean the entire Southwest. So, they "re-conquer the entire Southwest and...say here you are Mexico, desfruta! Will Mexico deal with the added responsibilities with the same integrity, fairness and ability to provide jobs that they do now with just Mexico? Will the Mexican government recognize La Raza as a legitimate political  party? Will all the world be set aright and milk and honey flow?

Then, if they do re-conquer the entire Southwest they will have to negotiate with the drug cartels, the Mexican Mafia (or government, it gets a bit confusing who's who), and the infamously corrupt police force. How does La Raza think their wonderful ideals  will be accepted by the Mexican government?  If they do get through all the corruption they will only find a corrupt government battling it out with drug cartels for power?  What will La Raza do when they are not heard then?

Well maybe La Raza has thought this far ahead and plans to appoint leadership and assume control themselves? Control of what? All the empty businesses vacated by non-natives. Just in case you would like a preview of that take a realistic look at Cuba. Where did industry go? The only thing that remained was the fields and a dictator who had no clue how to manage them. Do you think Silicon Valley and all their human resources will just sort of hang in there and hope for the best? What about Toyota and Honda? Not a chance in the world. All non-farmed based businesses will evacuate faster than you can say, "Donde vas?"

Well, I'm just wondering what La Raza really thinks will happen.

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