Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Immigration Deform

I opened my local fishwrap today and there on the front page it reads, “Thousands march in immigrants-rights rally.” The curious thing is that I could not find anything about the rights of legal immigrants being threatened. I did read emotional blurbs about families being torn apart and parents living in fear of being deported because they are illegal.

One protestor asked, “What gives them the right to do this? My parents are (illegal) immigrants and if they did in California what they did in Arizona, it’d split us apart.” Actually if the current laws were enforced any illegal immigrant would be deported. So, the law gives any law enforcement agent or agency the right to deport illegal immigrants. If you are not legal, you do not have a right to be here.

I have a few questions of my own.
  • Do emotional pleas overrule current law?
  • Do sob stories out way logical premises?
  • Does “Being illegal + need = amnesty”?

Let’s say I stole some food because my family was hungry. Why not just let us eat, because we need food, and not hold me accountable for my crime. The “logic” being that my families need for food out ways the illegal nature of my actions therefore I am not responsible for my actions and thus not guilty. Does anyone else see the danger and foolish nature of this argument? It is what the argument the left is using.

Note to all would be politicians: If you want my vote do not press for immigration deform. Allow law enforcement to do their job without fear.

Gloria Estefan, shame on you. Your Cuban community is embarrassed by your shameful grandstanding to crowds you hope may buy some old music by you.

As one counter-protestor put it, “You can be a part of our nation if you do the right thing, follow the rules.”

Thus saith me.

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