Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5,113 and Counting

“US Admits to Having 5,113 Nukes.” Admits!? This is why the liberal media is a liability to the sovereignty and safety of our great country.
We don’t “admit”, like we did something wrong, that we have 5,113 nuclear warheads. America doesn’t “admit” we announce, warn, advise, mention or even threaten.
The message is we haven’t used them because we are a peaceful, until you piss us off, nation. The message to any axis of evil doofenschmirtz want to be potentate is this: by the time you finish blowing out the match you used to light your little bottle rocket nuke to shoot at us we will have fired back 25 state-of-the art nukes at your foolish asterisk of a country. Then, after the dust clears we’ll fire 5 more just in case we missed a spot.
The message to any terrorist state, cell, or individual: by the time you discover there are no virgins waiting for you on the other side, we’ll have sent some “gifts” to your family and every conceivable hovel you and yours could hide in.
The United States of America is the most giving country in the world. Just ask Haiti. We have no desire to hurt any nation, unless you attack us first. So, we have 5,113 nukes we hope to never use. But…
Thus saith me. 

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