Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pelosi: Who Can’t Cope?

Apparently Nancy Pelosi is surprised that people do not agree with her version of the truth and she believes that people who disagree with her are unable to cope with said “information.”

“Hello….hello…earth to Nancy…Come in Nancy.” Some people disagree with you because logic leads them to a completely different point of view. Your policies threaten the very freedoms my ancestors came to America for. For example, the right to run and live their lives without government interference or intervention.

Yes, people get angry. The Bible actually says to be angry and sin not. Do not be surprised by people’s anger. Doesn’t injustice anger you? Or are you just unable to cope? Please do not insult me by framing my disagreement with you as an inability to cope.

Lastly, do not be surprised that when you sided with a group of people under the guise of freedom by any means necessary (which I actually don’t have a quarrel with), if another group will rise up and seek or defend their freedom by any means necessary also.
Thus saith me. 

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