Thursday, April 15, 2010

Immigration Problem Solved

Last Saturday “thousands” of people rallied in support of swift immigration reform. According to the Associated Press, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill. Introduced immigration reform legislation that includes the path to legal status for millions of illegal immigrants.

First, isn’t there already a path for legal immigration? So, should not the path for ALL be legal immigration? The first step is to cease being illegal immigrants and then talk to us about becoming a legal immigrant.

You see, Luis, most of us Americans are children or decedents of legal immigrants. We did it legally, why can’t they? That is why so many Americans have a hard time swallowing this pathway for illegal immigrants crap.

Second, I believe in a speech the then President of Mexico Vicente Fox described it as migration while US President Bush called it immigration. So, we must realize someone said people migrated back and forth from baja to California for “hundreds” of years and many people buy that as a reason for granting whoever wants to walk across the border a free pass. Am I supposed think people from Mexico or Central America are so stupid and illiterate that they don’t know it’s the twenty-first century!? That they don’t know what that big metal or cement thing is?

Reform? Just be legal. Problem solved!

Thus saith me.

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