Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boys With Bad Haircuts

I read an article in my local newspaper written by a Washington Post columnist. She was expressing her concern that some students who bullied a girl (who committed suicide) received a punishment to harsh for their crime.  Her apparent point was that since the bullies were teenagers that their brains and abilities to make good choices are not fully formed and therefore they should not be held fully responsible. The columnist felt that legal punishment was not necessarily effective. clueless. After working in a middle school in a large urban school district for 20+ years I can tell you  the ONLY thing that does curb violence, and bullying is violence, is when a citation is given by a school police officer. There is something about going down to the court house to pay a $387 fine that enables any parent to help their child act in a more civil manner. 
I think it was Sam Malone who said that there was no such thing as bad boys only boys with bad hair cuts. I guess the columnist shares a bit of Sam's values. I worry when I hear or read people who have wonderful ideals and sit in their cubicles completely removed from reality.

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