Tuesday, April 13, 2010

95/5 The Good, The Bad, and the Goofy?

I have this little theory. The theory is that in every class 95% of the students are good kids and 5% are bad, either goofy or evil. My problems occur when I let the 5% take up 95% of my time. 

This year I have one class that is challenging those assumptions. I think the balance is off. It may be 60/40 rather than 95/5. Most students have something they want. Something they care about. But, what do I do with those who actually don't care? What do I do with someone who has not come to the realization that doing nothing will result in nothing? 

My other classes prove the theory true. When I work the 95% who are good, the 5% who are not eventually come in line. 

Maybe I just believe...

It's funny how our choices, even in Middle School can so effect the rest of our lives. 

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