Saturday, April 30, 2011

PTVoice's Loose Cannon Fire 4 30 11

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Just a little shrapnel from reading the fish-wrap and blogs....

How about the unions? Why isn't la Times asking about union donations?
Flaming hypocrites...

I'm all for not leaving a mess and I don't like smog, but, the arrogance of these people who thing "they" can change the climate? They can't even change their mind.

Tax the rich? Can't you come up with a better line than that?
I am not rich, but, you can only tax "the rich" so much, which we do. Plus, in the end it is the working class that get hit the hardest by taxes.
If there is no money, or not enough money, even union workers need to realize that adjustment should be made. I belong to a union so, I get it. The unions should be demanding that cuts made transparently and appropriately.
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