Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No Tax Tuesday 7 19 11 Edition

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Happy No Tax Tuesday. I hope you all are enjoying your summer with your families.  Summer soccer is talking up most of our summer nights with two children playing on two different teams. The real trick is trying to feed the family on nights like these without eating out all the time. Which leads me to my No Tax Tuesday rant for the week. 

I am an average man making average money with an average family. How do taxes affect me and my family? First of all they don't help. Paying nearly 10% on just McDonald's for a family of four can be $2.00 a meal. If your family has to do the fast food boogie two or three times a week that can be $6.00 to $10.00 a week easily! $24 to $40 a month is an extra meal for the family! So, via our taxes we sacrifice a meal out a month for the government. What do we get out of that sacrifice? Where I live we get bad roads, bad traffic and schools where the teachers think they are good because I (we) tutor my (our) children to make up for what they are not getting at school. 

Now, when my two oldest children try to get into college, I (according to the government) make to much money and we don't have a last name that will allow us to benefit from any of the "investments" in our government we have made up to this time. To go along with that the cost for attending ANY college or university from a city college to a major UC is rising as I blog, making a college education either just for the wealthy or those whom some liberal elitist feels is more deserving! To demonstrate the foolishness of the system allow me to share a personal experience. I have a friend who just happens to be of a "minority" decent. He works for the same "company" as I do. We have the same pay scale. But, because his children are who they are, they get some help with their SAT scores. In other words, my children have to score a few hundred points higher than his solely because of their color and race. They also get special status as in easy entrance. Fair? My tax dollars at work.

My point? Where are the tax dollars going? Who or what are they benefiting? 

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