Friday, July 22, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: The 7 22 11 Edition

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Happy Flush 'em Friday! It's time to Flush the blogosphere of that which bothers, annoys and irritates you.

My list for this fine Friday, July 22, 2011 is as follows:
  • People who do not know how to alternate...
  • People who use their turn signals every other turn or after they are already half way through the turn.
  • "Unromantic comedies" about friends having sex.
  • The NFL lockout
  • The NBA lockout
  • Reserve not met messages on ebay. Come on, just list your bottom line price, we know you're not going to sell a Rolex for $0.99.
  • Purple cars...especially if they say Mary Kay...
  • Bruno Mars (my son finds his songs annoying)...
  • People who hate on David Beckman for being old, he is, but ignore how great a passer he still is (better than anyone else in the league).
  • Eldrick "Tiger" Woods for dumping his caddie like one of the waitresses he "loved"
Well, that about does it for this fine Flush 'em Friday.
Except if you have an addition...

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