Friday, July 15, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: The 7 15 11 Edition

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Once again it is time for Flush 'em Friday! Time to dispose of those and that which annoy, irritate or sometime just confound you.

This week my nominees are (in no particular order except the first):

  • 54% of my fellow Californians who live in the 36th Congressional District. 
  • Skinny jeans because those of us who are not skinny should not be wearing them and who needs to see that much of anyone?
  • Jerry Brown and the California Dems for forcing teachers to teach and children not their own to be taught the "history" of gays. Like that won't be revisionist liberal crap.
  • Revisionist liberal crap known as "social science"  because it is just liberal ideology being forced upon us all.
  • Eugene Robinson for being such a liberal propaganda hypocrite by accusing the Republicans of doing what the Democrats always do, putting ideology over country.
  • People who let their dogs crap anywhere and don't clean it up.
  • Leisure suits.
  • Plastic bag laws.
  • Green light bulbs. 
  • Carmegeddon
  • The McCourts, for spending more time in court than running the team...please sell.
That's it for this week, unless you would like to add a few...
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