Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: Where have all the tax dollars gone? 3 8 11

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Happy No Tax Tuesday. Today I ask the question: Where have all the tax dollars gone?

In California, Jerry Brown is weaseling his way around setting up his only known means of financial management. He WILL ask Californians to pay more taxes. My question is for what? To pay for a bloated government that can't even complete a budget on time when their lives depend upon it? Gracious, pero no. 

Tonight I will make my annual trip to my tax man. He is actually awesome. It just reminds me that I send money to Washington who packages it ( for a cost) and send some of it back to my state which sends some of it back to my city. Less for more. 

Gas prices are skyrocketing. Nearly half the cost of a gallon of gas is taxes. Well, straight out of my driveway and all the way to work I will negotiate pot holes the size of some of those tiny little Match Box cars some clowns are driving. (If you own one, nothing personal, just making a goofy point.)  Where is the money for road work going?

What about education? I am one of a few teachers who are conservative politically. Even the most liberal of my colleagues complains about the waste and pet projects. Our school has a "district pool teacher". Do we need one? No.

No Tax Tuesday question of the day: Where have all the tax dollars gone? 
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