Monday, March 7, 2011

Traitor of Patriot

Julian Assange and Bradley ManningImage by besha via Flickr
Bradley Manning was entrusted with information. Bradley Manning was entrusted with Americas security and safety. What did he do? He laid his country bare in front of the world.

Bradley Manning is the military intelligence officer who is accused of leaking loads of classified information to Wikileaks. Bradley's military lawyer, David Coombs, accused Bradley's jailer's of punishing him for making sarcastic remarks. Yes, and what's the problem? Maybe Bradley Manning, military intelligence officer, should think about laying his country and fellow soldiers bare before he imagines himself to be the one who decides what information should be bared before the envious world.

I think this is a question of treason or not. Does Private Manning think he was being a patriot? 

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