Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here Come the Champs!

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Almost on cue, without a detectable measure of worry or doubt, the Los Angeles Lakers have flipped the switch. Kobe is Kobe, D-Fish is D-Fish, Gasol is looking fit, Bynum is maturing into "the man" in the middle, Ron Artest is stepped it up all around and enjoying the crowd, and the Killers B's are starting to sting. 

I guess the light at the end of the tunnel has started to come into focus. Everybody else in the league has been playing to get to this place in the year but the Lakers have been waiting for this time to come so they can get ready for the season that counts, the playoffs baby!

Pau Pau Pau! The first championship taught Pau he could win one. Last year he learned how to win one. This year he will put it all together and along with Kobe will do what they need to do to bring #17 home to LA.

Kobe burns with the desire to win with a passion that the rest of us mere mortals only imagine we possess. Kobe wants another championship, to be like Mike (or more) with six, to be the Laker to take Lakerland to the summit (and beyond) to tie Boston with 17 championships, not to mention 2 more than Shaq.

All I can say is it is great to be a Laker fan. 
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