Saturday, October 9, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Week

Here are a few random thoughts about stuff from the week, enjoy...

Ethics - Rangel admitted he had some "ethical lapses." Waters husband, and therefor her, benefited from the assistance given to One-United Bank. GUILTY.
If these were two Republicans it would be in all over the evening news every day. I am only surprised the the propaganda wing of the Democratic party ran this story before the elections.

CA Legislatures - If they won't vote for cuts, vote them out, because they will just put us in more debt.
If they vote for more taxes, vote them out because working Californians pay more than enough already.

VP Biden - A fool and his mouth are never parted.

Allred - Allred is an ambulance chasing, opportunistic weasel. I will say it again, if this was about the maid, she'd be in court.
It's not about the maid, it's about Brown. What else is brown and sometimes needs to be shoveled?

Nicky - Am I to believe someone who lied about her legality as a citizen, falsified her social security number and more? No.
Am I to believe the greatest known opportunistic lawyer "who can only say" the lie she wants me to believe? Again no.
Who will believe Diaz and Allred? The same people who believed that Wild Bill Clinton didn't inhale and struggle with the meaning of "is."

$111 billion in LA Stimul-less -
1. Sounds like mostly temporary jobs.
2. Sounds like mostly government jobs.
3. Sounds like government mismanagement at its' best.
4. Sounds like a waste of tax payer money.
55 jobs!? Pathetic...

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