Friday, October 8, 2010

Take Back Your Schools LA!

Antonio Villaraigosa speaking at an ACLU event.Image via Wikipedia
I am just wondering how the "honorable" Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa can look look himself in the mirror? I has been said that the worst deception is self-deception.

My local fish-wrap tells me, that
"Joined by civil rights lawyers and Los Angeles Unified officials, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa urged the local teachers union Thursday to support reform layoff procedures or get left behind."
Here's the deal: all the teachers that are at the Mayors' school are hand picked. Why didn't the mayors' team pick teachers with more experience? I took part in those race-based exercises. What a farce! Now, the group is offering teachers $10,000 bonuses to come teach in their schools. Of course, it doesn't hurt if you look like the mayor. Just go to any of the schools sites and check out the "diversity" of the staff. Pfff! Back to the hand picked teachers chosen by "PartnershipLA." Again, THEY recruited, THEY chose, THEY should be developing their choices. Now, Villaraigosa wants to infect all LA schools with a problem he chose to have.

This problem of inexperienced teachers going to under-preforming schools has always existed. There was money given to schools with staffs that had teachers with less than the average tenure. I guess the Democratically controlled state legislature let that end.  
Antonio is not trying to help all schools, he's just trying to save his partnership.
Take back your schools LA!
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