Monday, October 4, 2010

Be Angry and Vote

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As a citizen of an overwhelming Democratic state and a teacher surrounded by leftist nuts I understand the feeling that my vote may not be to meaningful. But, I still vote. I am not sure that the Tea Party will be able to generate enough votes in the south Bay, where I live to oust any long seated Democrats. But, I will vote.

I hope that anyone who is "undecided" will ask themselves the question, "Has the Democrat I voted into office helped or harmed California?"

I think the Tea Party has done an outstanding job of demanding from conservative  and liberals alike an accounting for their actions. How does your representative account for the loss of jobs suffered here in the South Bay and in California.

Barbara Boxer likes to say that Carly Fiorina outsourced thousands of jobs as CEO of Hewlett Packard, yet under the care and guidance of "Call me Senator, I have earned it" Barbara Boxer over 1,200,000 jobs have left California since 2005. Just last week over 500 jobs were lost in the South Bay that Jane Harman was "assured" were safe. Are they worthy of your vote? 

Most "Independents" are liberal and just like to check Independent because they think it makes them sound more "open-minded." Yet, they still vote Democrat. If you are truly independent take an honest look at the issues and the candidates.

Can California support liberal ideals? The budget says no.

Will businesses stay if taxed even more?   Businesses are saying no already and taking jobs to more business friendly states like Texas.

If you are angry like me, vote.
In California, and in the US all over, we need jobs, and less taxes. Vote accordingly! 
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