Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Tax Tuesday: No Props No Taxes

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In California we have a Proposition on the ballot that is just amazing. On the street when there is a proposition, someone gets screwed. Same goes for politics. Proposition 21 would like to fund state parks with an additional vehicle registration fee of $18.00. That is not a fee, that is a tax. You can call it a fee, but, it's a tax. If it is a tax, I don't want to pay it. I don't like taxes normally because the money is so poorly applied to the betterment of our country. But, during these tough economic times it is absurd to ask Californians to pay anything extra. 

This brings me to the cash flow of our current tax base. Someone said that socialism was great until you ran out of someone else's money. Am I the only one who thinks we have run out money? You could try to print more, but that's stupid on so many levels, the most obvious that it devalues what is already out there. You could borrow money, but, you just owe more in the long run. 

Now, the facts are that over 1,000,000 jobs have been lost in California since 2005. If each person only paid $1,000 annually in taxes that is a $1,000,000,000 loss per year in tax revenue! We thank Barbara Boxer, Jane Harman and the rest of the Democrats who naively and foolishly believed that they could tax businesses as much as they wanted and businesses would just except the proposition. Jerry Brown still thinks those awful people should "pay their fair share!" Sanctimonious but stupid.

Businesses leave, jobs leave, people leave, tax revenues leave. This kind of reminds me of eating out with  a flake. They forget their wallet, or just leave you with the bill. I don't fault people for leaving California for a job or a better job. I don't fault businesses for leaving California for a more business friendly environment. I definitely fault the liberals for chasing businesses out of California. Now they want me to pay more?

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Taxed Enough Already!

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