Monday, October 11, 2010

Throw the Bums Out!

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Now California, my home, I plead with you to make a political shift. For years we have been under the leadership of Democrats. What has it got us? We were the great state of opportunity, now we are not. People, jobs, and businesses are leaving in numbers that have never seen or even heard of. Who's keeps voting them in, not me?

For years my fellow Californians have voted in Democrat after Democrat. Occasionally, we have a Republican as Governor, but with Willy Brown and his successor in office, it's more than an uphill battle. Yet, we keep electing the Hahns, Boxers, Browns, Harmans, Sanchezs, Villaraigosas, and the like. Have we gotten any different results? No. Do we have more jobs? No, over 1,000,000 less sense 2005 factually.

I forgot to mention the Maxine Waters, Mark Ridley type crew. Do they really help their people? Do they only help their people? Why are there still housing projects with generations living in the same unit? Isn't it time to require some sort of accountability from those who say they are trying to help? What jobs have been brought to the inner city because of the efforts of Maxine Waters? She did help a bank her husband (and thus SHE) had interest in. There is just more poverty, not more jobs and affluence.

I am asking my fellow Californians to hold all our elected representatives accountable. If they are not seeking to provide opportunities for businesses in your area they do not give a lick about you. If something isn't done to allow a business to provide you a job, what are they doing?

My question to Brown, Boxer, and the entire left; where are the jobs?
My question to Californians; why do these officials still have jobs?
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  1. The political shift is drifting away and into the right direction. The grip that has prevented this state to move is slowly loosening up. A new proposition from unlikely law makers is heading it's way on this coming November elections. They will held responsible and Democrats did not see this coming. We the people of California must vote Boxer out, rid this state of the likeliness of Pelosi and bring back what this great State of California is all about. Also, Gavin Newsom is not to be elected for any office, his decisions cost the City of San Francisco to go Bankcrupt... and he wants a bigger role to continue his spending up in Sacramento. Vote wisely vote for California.