Friday, September 17, 2010

Who do You Think Should Top the No Fools Allowed Friday List?

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All right, I guess I am just tired of some people. People I am not even sure how they got to be where they are at in the first place. Like Paris Hilton; if her family wasn't wealthy who would notice? I live in Southern California so my list can start right here.

I think Barbara "Call me Senator" Boxer is a fool and needs to be voted out! She is green with mold.

I think state Senator Rod Wright is all wrong and has chased too much green. The fool needs to go.

I think former failure of a governor, current Attorney General of California, Jerry Brown is a clown and California doesn't need his foolishness. Is he the best the Democrats have to offer?

Nancy Pelosi is the current ringmaster of fool central, also known as congress. That fool should be shot out of a cannon to see how far a hot air fool can fly.

Who do YOU think should be on this list? Leave me your nominees!

Have a great No Fools Friday!
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