Thursday, September 16, 2010

All Call to Conservative Leaders

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Is it funny, odd, or distressing that the Republican Party old-timers are gripping about TEA Party candidates? As a punk I find it kind of amusing that the oldie but moldy GOP "leaders" are having a hard time with these up and coming TEA Party candidates. As a Republican I find it odd that some of the GOP folks have trouble with conservatives. What I find distressing is that the group formally known as conservatives have difficulties with their constituents who are plainly calling for their representative Senators, Representatives and any other politician calling themselves Republican, to act and vote like a conservative!

I have grown up always understanding that the Republican Party was against big government and taxes. I came of voting age and began voting during the late President Ronald Reagan's terms in office. America was great. As a true fiscal conservative he starved excessive government programs to rid the government of fat. Thank you Ronny! But, ever since Reagan we have had President after President, Democrat and Republican, that have simply added more government and increased taxes.

It is time for the GOP to pull its collective head out of the posterior shaped sand castle and LISTEN to what the people who voted them into office are telling them. We are Taxed Enough Already!
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