Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Tax Tuesday: The Coveting Left

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You know what? I just don't like paying taxes. I don't like paying taxes because it reduces my standard of living. To restate the obvious: when I don't have money I can't use it to provide for my family. Since the government is such historically bad stewards of my money I consider it a wasteful use of my money. 

What kind of person sits around thinking about taking someones money? Besides the obvious answer: thief. There is another answer; a Democrat, socialist, or leftist. Follow me on this, please. Socialists like to talk about the redistribution of wealth. Taking from me  and you to give to someone else whom "they" deem more deserving via taxation is what the left does, ever so self-righteously. They love to accuse capitalists of being greedy. The idea being that in order to succeed one must do so at the expense of someone less fortunate. I guess the thought is that hard work is really just grabbing something (profit) before someone else can get it. 

 Now, what about coveting? To covet is "to desire (another's property) eagerly or wrongfully. "I say this is what the left is all about! They covet the success of those who work hard and wrongfully believe they have a right to take another persons "wealth" and give it to whom they see fit. Everyday there are politicians sitting around coveting our money. Now, the Good Book calls coveting a sin. Taking other people's money is also called stealing, again, a sin. So, what we have is a bunch of thieves coveting our money and willing to steal it. They are called politicians.
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