Friday, September 3, 2010

Disneyland not Mohammedville

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Disneyland is one of my favorite places to take the family. Since I live in Southern California it is only a short drive. For a few years we had family passes so we could go for visits whenever we wanted. It was great. One thing about Disneyland is you, in one sense know what your getting. The employees all wear the appropriate Disney costume.
Recently a female Muslim employee wanted to wear a headscarf. Well, it's Disneyland, I do not know any Disney employees' religion when I visit. I guess some people feel that it is question of diversity or freedom of religion. No, it's Disneyland. I mean, what if she was an Orthodox Jew? Should Disneyland be forced to allow her to dress in customary manner? Let's take this argument to it's illogical end and ask if she was a nudist?

We all play and work by the rules. If you choose to work at a place that has a dress code you agree to dress according to company policy. If it violates your personal beliefs, religion, you should not work there. Freedom, in our country means you can make a personal choice where to apply to work.

Freedom does not mean forcing others to accept your beliefs. We better hold the line on this or we'll be voting on whether all women should be wearing head coverings.
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