Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The POTUS calls the GOP anti-business?

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The President accused the the GOP of blocking small business growth. What? To me that is like a wolf accusing a deer of being a predator. Since when has a Democrat been for business of any kind?

All Democrats ever want to do is tax those evil profit pirates and act like they (Democrats) are the modern equivalents of Robin Hoods, taking from the evil rich and redistributing money to the poor and needy. The problem is that money never seems to actually get to those who truly need it. How else can they pay for a Redistribution Czar?

Now the POTUS wants me to believe that suddenly wants he wants to give tax cuts to businesses? Taxing is the Democrats preferred method of redistributing "wealth." He also wants to give money to banks to loan to small businesses. We saw how that worked out with the first "Stimulus" bill. The banks don't need the money, small businesses need the money.

Here's the deal: The more that the government "helps" the more they mess things up and mess up the natural corrections of the market. When governments intervene they only delay and worsen the negative effects. Who gets hurt? Employees and small business owners suffer the most from government intervention. Because government intervention normal involves the word tax. Tax means less money to give raises, hire new employees, and expand the business. Taxes mean I work  longer to maintain the same standard of living.

No thanks, Mr. President, just try to get out of the way.
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