Thursday, September 2, 2010

Paper or Plastic or Bring Your Own Bag

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In my lifetime I have seen a matter of simple choice evolve from simple to complicated to absurd. We used to go to the market and walk out with our groceries in paper bags. Then one day the bag-boy (or girl) asked, "Would you like paper or plastic?" Now I can buy a re-usable bag or use the "one-time use" plastic bags or I think if I request it I can still use paper bags. Now, it seems some folks are trying to take away my choice of paper or plastic!

I wonder if these are the same nuts who want to legislate my salt intake? Isn't there something else people can do with their time than worry about paper or plastic? Besides the fact that I find those plastic bags great for gathering recyclables what is the deal?

Now, I going to take a little stretch here and relate this to another choice Californians have.  Just like the paper or plastic choice has become absurd so has our Senator. We also get to choose who will be our next Senator, the old...Barbara Boxer or the new Carly Fiorina. For me it is a simple choice revolving around what has been and what should be. Barbara Boxer has left California in dire straights. All her liberals policies are killing the greatness of what was once California. Her insane need to "be green" has left us gang green with economic death. People and jobs are fleeing the state like I have never seen before. Like a plastic bag over a child's head, liberals policies have suffocated California.

California doesn't need to be more green, we need more jobs and more common sense. Boxer is so far out to the left she can not see the needs of her own state. Her record, which is the current state of the economy in California is the legacy of Boxer, Pelosi, and the Democratic state legislature. It is time for common sense Californians to vote these left-nuts out.  

We need Fiorina and people like her to rebuild or once proud state.

Well, given the choice, I say no-thanks to the old bag.
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