Monday, August 30, 2010

Thanks, I'll have some tea.

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I have been on vacation this past week so I have kind of been taking it easy as far as trying to keep up with current events.

It is amusing to see the reaction to the Glen Beck/Tea Party rally held in Washington, D.C. What is the issue to oppose here? Why does the Rev. Al Sharpton feel he needed to hold a counter rally? I mean besides being a self-serving nut, what was his point? I do find it, if not offensive, at least insulting that he abuses his title of Reverend to force his racist opinions upon others.

When I first started teaching over 20 years ago there was a bona-fide loon teaching at the same school. One of my students, an African-American, wrote a nice little essay in response to a prompt of a picture of a clown. The young man wrote that the clowns face was all black and dirty among other descriptive observations about how come the clown was not in the best of shape. Well, I had placed this young mans writing along with others on a common wall to show off their work. The loon (yes, an African-American)read it and asked me who wrote it. I told her the boys name and she called him over (if I knew then what I know now I would of told her later) and started to interrogate him. "Did you write this because people make you feel that because you are black you are dirty and ugly?" "No, the clowns face is black and dirty so I wrote black and dirty." This nut went on harassing him until he finally said yes and then she told me to have him re-write it. What that lady did was impose her insane racist thoughts and beliefs on a younger mind. After a few interactions with this nut I told her to back off because she was the meanest, most racist, hateful person I had ever met.

The point, that nut cake teacher and the Rev. Al only care about serving their personal prejudice for profit. Enough already.

What I did hear from the Beck/Tea Party was that all Americans, even nuts, should enjoy their freedom.
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