Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Supreme Court Dog and Pony Confirmation Hearing/Show

The dog and pony show known as the Supreme Court nomination hearings continues. Does anyone really believe that all Dems won't vote her through? Seriously?

Senator Arlen Specter (Democrat – Pennsylvania) seemed to have a serious concern with Supreme Court justices disrespecting Senatorial legislation. The senator asked Elena Kagan several times if she thought the Supreme Court justices had disrespected the fact finding and work of the Senators. Kagan dodged the question time and time again and Senator Specter said he would have to move on since he was not making in headway. Will he not confirm her? Did anything he asked her have any bearing on whether he would vote to confirm her or not? Nothing Senator Specter said indicated that anything he asked would bear any consequence on if he voted to confirm Kagan or not. Bla, bla, bla.

Senator Feinstein (Democrat – California)threw batting practice. First Feinstein feigned toughness by asking a question about guns. Then she focused on green issues. She is as out of focus as her hairstyle is out of date.

Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican – South Carolina) asked Kagan if she was a progressive. She said yes. Graham than spoke about Miguel Estrada, a Bush nominee, who was rejected by the largely Democratic congress, and how Estrada wrote a glowing letter of recommendation for Kagan. Graham asked her to write a letter for Estrada. Kagan said she would. This, to me, was the only significant exchange that I saw before I fell asleep. What Graham did was simultaneously slam the Dems for ruthlessly, and spitefully rejecting the confirmation of Miguel Estrada during the Bush era and get Kagan to write a letter of recommendation for Miguel Estrada. It was very nice ways of saying the Democrats are ruthless, spiteful jerks with no conscience. Nice work, Lindsey. Graham also asked about Kagan's opinion on Miranda rights in a war, if Kagan thought enemy combatants should receive them. She said no. Graham thought many would be surprised with her views.

Well, the dog and pony show goes on. The only thing I see is that the Republicans are less partisan than the Democrats and the Democrats say a lot that means little.

That’s the way I see it, how do you see it?

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