Tuesday, June 29, 2010

G-20 Summit of bla…blaa..let’s tax more!

What is the G-20? Why does the world need a G-20? Who were those party crashers dressed in black?

All question I can’t seem to find a decent answer for.

According to the official (?) site, www.g20.org,” The Group of Twenty (G-20) Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors was established in 1999 to bring together systemically important industrialized and developing economies to discuss key issues in the global economy.”

President Obama warned that too much austerity too quickly could choke off global recovery. (Is the President saying the countries recovery might happen to quickly? If he is, I beg to differ.)The German Chancellor Angela Merkel advocates “spending cuts and even tax increases.” (Less services and less money for me the tax payer.)

Aren’t most of these people the ones who either led us into the abyss or took over the reigns and haven’t changed the course for the better?

All I hear is bla..blaa…let’s tax more.

No thank you.

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