Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spy vs. Spineless

Well, what do you know? Apparently the Russians still think we have something up our sleeves. I hope we do. I hope we have a few extra special, extra secret, extra deadly things to protect us as a country and ideal.

On the other hand if I was a Russian I’d just go ask President Obama to, in the name and spirit of cooperation and global unity, tell me if the USA has any secret defense plan or weapons that might wipe them out. He’d probably just tell me, to just prove that America, as a nation is not out to hurt anyone. Maybe that would make other nations like us and not fear us.

Spies, wow, the cold war is dead but there must be some post cold war war going on. What are the Russians hoping to find? It can’t be Obama’s super secret Afghanistan plan. It can’t be Obama’s stimulusless plan. It can’t be Obama’s anti-partisan politics plan. Maybe it’s Obama’s ram a health care down the people’s throats plan.

Just maybe it’s the how to get elected on hope but produce hopelessness plan! I don’t think so.

The only thing more alarming to me than actual Russian spies is that we, as a nation, have something that the Russian’s want and Obombus is at the wheel.

That’s what I say, what do you say?

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