Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Clear Choice, Jobs or No Jobs in the South Bay

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Everyday we are assaulted by advertising that seeks to get us to give up our money to someone else to purchase their product. Nike, Apple, Miller High Life, Old Navy and the list goes on. But, the crime is the government that seeks to take our income and redistribute it to whom or what they believe to be most deserving. 

Here in the South Bay we have two candidates running for Congress. One is a long time politician Janice Hahn and the others is newcomer Craig Huey. Huey surprised the press by beating out Secretary of State Bowen to be in the run-off. Thank goodness! The choice between Hahn and Bowen would of been like choosing between manure and fertilizer for living room flooring. 

In the newspaper this morning was an article about Hahn backtracking on her push for meters in her hometown San Pedro. If she believed in herself she'd stick to her guns and say making some money is better than none. But, the truth is her idea only makes people want to find someplace else to park, thus hurting business. When will voters learn! The way of the Democrats always hurts businesses and kills jobs. Do you want less business and less jobs? Then Janice is your clear choice.

Now on the other side we have Craig Huey. He has had successful businesses and understands how to provide jobs. Craig Huey pledges to limit himself to 3 terms (six years), and keep NO TAXES and NO PORK pledges. This will be one of the clearest choices between candidates that I have ever seen. 

I encourage you to check out his site. If you want to know about Hahn just read the newspaper, they'll be backing her like a 6th grade hanger on.  Who will get your vote? I know who's getting mine!
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