Monday, June 6, 2011

Ron Paul: What's his point?

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Ron Paul, just what is he trying to accomplish? I try my best to keep an open ear to what different candidates are saying.  It was pitiful to watch Newt shoot himself in the foot while trying to come across as a moderate. Sometimes the double speak can be quite confusing. So, after listening to Representative Ron Paul on CNN ( Link to video: ) I was pleasantly surprised to not be wondering what he was actually trying to say.  The reporter was asking him about the debt ceiling and the budget. I have to say that a understand and pretty much agree with what he was proposing. 

In response government to the concern about defaulting on loans Ron Paul stated that the problem was not defaulting but paying with junk bonds. He also stated that the government had already defaulted on the American people because so many jobs have been lost. Good point.

When asked if he would support another Republican candidate, like Mitt Romney, Paul said that to mainstream America the Republican party and Democratic party are virtually the same. So, to endorse them he would be going against his supporters. Got it. 

One other thing Ron Paul brought up is that cutting spending only counts if it is for this year, everything else is really meaningless because it just becomes smaller useless "cuts". I hear you Paul. 

OK, so what about Ron Paul. I think he represents much more of America than the mainstream liberal media want to admit.  Personally, much of what he says makes sense to me. His foreign policy leaves me wanting but I find myself agreeing with much of what he says. What about you? 
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