Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Twitter and the Weiner

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Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive... (Walter Scott)

If he just would of said he did it, or even denied it once and them admitted it, but, to go on a TV show blitz to proclaim his innocence? Then he had to host his own Weiner Roast.

To my friends from Japan: Do you have a Weiner? What do you think is the honorable thing for Representative Weiner to do?

Now about this "character flaw". What does that mean? What I think is that if someone lies about one thing they will lie about another. If his Twitter account was for political purposes and he was using his political standing to solicit exchanges sexual in nature over Twitter then he was using his status as a Representative for personal gain/pleasure. But, we will hear many excuses from liberals about why Rep. Anthony Weiner isn't such a bad guy and even though he has bad judgement personally, on company time, he doesn't necessarily have bad judgement politically and his constituents just want him to get back to Twitter, I mean work, and do a good job. He will get re-elected because we are dealing with the east coast version of Maxine Waters. Neither of there voting base cares about the morals of their leadership just as long as the checks come twice a month.

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