Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: Tired of Taxes 5 10 11 Edition

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Happy No Tax Tuesday! My original No Tax Tuesday post centered around the idea that citizens need a break from the burden of taxation for at least one day if not monthly. As inflation causes the price of everything in my life to rise, from food to fuel, Happy Meals to Health Care, I can not afford to pay higher taxes just so the idiots who represent me at every level of government do not have to make the tough decisions and cuts where truly needed. I am tired of taxes! 

Think about this: if you live in California the Governor is asking you to vote to lower your standard of living while not requiring him to make the tough cuts he said he would make. More taxes would not result in a better run government, just more government to collect the taxes! I am tired of taxes!

President Obama bragged while campaigning for President that if he was President he would lower the price of gasoline! I believe it is a bit higher, now. He could lower or remove the federal tax on gasoline ($0.18 a gallon). Didn't he appoint a task force or some other time wasting useless group of leaches?  Another pile from the President. I am tired of taxes!

We pay taxes to fund the impotent yet misguiding Department of Education. Has it ever helped? I am tired of taxes!

Do you hear me? Do you agree with me? Are you tired of taxes?

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