Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The President of Smack

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So, the POTUS goes to the border, surrounds himself with a bunch of hangers on and makes a "speech" about how effective the borders are. Well, it was actually an early campaign speech aimed at the enemy, well, his enemy, Republicans. 

I'll tell you what the President is really good at: talking smack. Against conservatives or republicans or capitalists. He is not so good at talking smack against Americas known enemies, say, Al Qaeda. 

In his border speech Obama declared that “The Border Patrol has 20,000 agents, more than twice as many as there were in 2004 . . .They wanted a fence. Well, the fence is now basically complete.” 
Interesting. Very nice for B.O. to take credit for 2005 - 2008, when a certain Republican President  put into affect. By the way, how did the then young Senator vote or stand on that issue? Talking smack has little to do with truth, it has to do with making your opponent look bad while glorifying yourself.

Next, the POTUS went on to say, “Maybe they’ll need a moat,” he said, generating laughter from a crowd of more than 1,000. “Maybe they want alligators in the moat.”
Wow, such thoughtful, intellectual dialog.  Again, talking smack is all about taking verbal pot shots at your opponent. It's about the humiliation of your opponent. 

As the time nears for the President to run for re-election, brace yourself for heavy doses of political smack from the liberal agenda aimed at ridiculing conservatives, blaming "the rich" and inciting racial and class wars. 
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