Monday, May 9, 2011

Who's next? or How should we deal with other terrorists?

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I am, like most Americans, satisfied with the knowledge that Osama Bin Laden is dead. I think it  was the right thing to do. I am concerned with the future policies that the current administration might follow in regards to dealing with know terrorists and enemies of the United States of America. Since the current administration has difficulties delineating the differences between the rights of a US citizen and those of an enemy, I worry about our countries ability to deal with terrorists who are currently plotting attacks on America. 

Since Bin Laden was not the only member of Al Quaeda who else might need our "attention" and how should we deal with them? Personally, I like the less we know method. Since the terrorists seek, for the most part, to terrorize in secret, I believe we should deal with them covertly. I like the idea of dealing with terrorist by terrorizing them. I think they should fear opening their very front door, back door, windows, or even their pantry. But, I think we should leave no trace. Why? Because I think our enemies should fear not only a massive onslaught of troops -  shock and awe - but also an unseen, untraceable bullet between the eyes.

The world should know, America is an awesome ally but and awful enemy.
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