Friday, April 22, 2011

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Good Friday to you all! All thanks to the One who gave Himself for us!

Who makes the Flush 'em Friday this week?

Politically -

  • Any politician who votes to raise the debt level which = more debt for you and me to pay off
  • Politicians who won't make the hard choices and deal with run away cost of programs like Social Security, Welfare and Medicaid 
  • The POTUS for clogging up traffic here in LA during PM and AM high traffic times , for asking for more money to run again, and for acting like he is doing a good job as the President
  • Jerry Brown for again even thinking about asking me to pay more for him to do less. TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!!!
  • NATO for being the self-serving yet useless entity they are and not being able to remove or even budge Moammar Gaddafi

Also rans -

  • Martin Bashir (and his pathetic accent) of MSNBC for being the pseudo-journalist liberal propagandist flunky that he is
  • People who smoke but put their cigarette as far away from themselves as they can after taking a drag 
Somebody tell me who THEY want to Flush this Friday!
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