Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: No More Needed 3 2 11

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Welcome to another round of "No Tax Tuesday." Today I wonder why California's elected officials, such as our (I am embarrassed to say that) Governor, approach the state budget the way they do. Rather than start from what the state has, also know as actual, real revenue in the form of taxes and fees, our state legislature and governor start from what they want to spend. Then they tax the life out of the serfs also known as citizens, you and me. 

In real life if I want a brand new Porsche but I do not have the money to purchase said Porsche, for which there is no substitute, I can not have it. It does not matter how much I need it or deserve it or am entitled to it. Not enough money, no Porsche. My government, on the other hand, still goes out and buys the Porsche. When the bill is due and there is not enough money to pay for the Porsche what does my government do? They ask me and you to pay for it.

Governor Jerry Brown is gearing up to ask Californian's to pay more, and pay more. California does not need to raise more tax revenue. California needs to live within its' means, start the budget process from what we have and decide what can be afforded. No more taxes are needed. 

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