Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is the difference in protests? Unions or free speech.

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Many moons ago I was in San Francisco. A street preacher was preaching away. I stopped and listened for a moment. He actually was getting a point across without just yelling at every passer by that they were going to hell. I had to go so I said, "God bless you, brother!" He turned to me and gave me the middle finger. I guess he was used to being heckled or had been in the sun too long.

Today I read about some folks protesting at funerals. (See ) Whether I agree with someones beliefs are not may not dictate if I like their style or method of delivery. Now, I do consider myself a Christian. I have learned that if someone does not want to hear something, they won't, no matter how it is delivered. I believe the Bible does say that if I have the voice of an angel but do not have love I am a just clanging cymbal. Even if a agreed with the protesters on some points of truth, I totally disagree with their method of communication. Love conquers all.

What I find equally disturbing is the remarkable similarity to the union protesters in Michigan and to this fringe group of "believers". Why doesn't "the press" question the motives of liberal protesters (which are usually paid  organizers)?
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