Friday, July 8, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: The 7 8 11 Edition

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Happy Flush 'em Friday,
It's time to list the "winners" to be Flushed!

  • Sprint Long Distance phone "service" for charging me a full month when I canceled them for their lousy service on the 6th.
  • Selena Gomez for dating Justin Bieber (my daughter's choice)  
  • Justin Bieber (my son's choice)
  • Janice Hahn for paying gang bangers to be gang "interventionists" - stupid is as stupid does.
  • The baseball team from LA. Next year? Next owner?
  • Streaming movies that take longer to stream than play.
  • Potato chip bags that are 1) hard to open 2) contain fewer and fewer chips each time I am desperate enough to buy one.
  • Drunk-text know, people who drive like they are drunk, swerving and drifting in and out of their lanes, but, they are texting.
  • Fill in the blank_________________________________.
That's all for this week!
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