Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Be Honest Eugene

The advantage of being part of the Democratic left wing is that you can ridiculous outrageous things and apparently your boss just says, "Sounds good to me. Print it." Take for example Eugene Robinson who writes and "opinion" piece for the Washington Post. He wrote an article called Obama calls the GOP's bluff. In this opinion (yea, I know opinions are like...) Mr. Robinson begins with, 
Here’s how to negotiate, GOP-style: Begin by making outrageous demands. Bully your opponents into giving you almost all of what you want. Rather than accept the deal, add a host of radical new demands. Observe casually that you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to the hostage you’ve taken — the nation’s well-being. To the extent possible, look and sound like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.”

 If not for the fact that Eugene is conveniently forgetting that his president has been using Alinsky's methodology (as has the whole Democratic party) since he started as a "community organizer". Obama's favorite tactic is ridicule. Ask Donald Trump if the President is any good at ridicule. After one dose of  Obama smack D Trump decided not to run. 

Be honest Eugene, are you going to say, with a straight face, that Democratic leadership actually believes that Republicans just want to give  tax breaks to rich corporations? OK, bad question because I think they have begun to believe themselves.

Be honest Eugene, do you really believe the outrageous claim by white liberals that all the conservative white people hate people of color? Do you actually believe that schoolyard tactic? 

Be honest Eugene, or have you told yourself this foolishness for so long that you actually believe it? 

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