Monday, July 11, 2011

California Needs Craig and Craig Needs You!

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you had a great week end.

It has been, weather wise, a beautiful summer here in SoCal. This looks like the first real week of June gloom (even though it is July). Tomorrow is an important day for those of us in the South Bay. It is really an important day for American politics. Jane Harman's vacant seat for the 36th Congressional District will be decided by a run-off special election. Craig Huey surprised the political left by getting enough votes to enter the run off. 

The decision could not be more plain. Janice Hahn is a true tax and spend Democrat whose family has been in politics since before she was a wink in her mommas' eye. Republican Craig Huey is a local business man who ,believes in less spending and lower taxes.

Janice Hahn's campaign has been the typical leftest try to alienate and falsely accuse your opponent, demonizing and basic deceptive stuff. Those who voted for Jerry Brown thinking he might actually have a different plan than sucking the life out of every single working Californian via taxation probably will vote for  Janice Hahn. That is my worry. The women can't he even maintain a consistent stance on parking meters! 

I have followed Craig Huey for a few years on his site where Craig has provided, free, information on candidates and issues for 20+ years. He is an honest man who will help Californians and Americans. California needs Craig Huey and Craig needs your vote! Vote for Craig Huey!!!

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