Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: Hahn the Elitist vs. Huey the Realist 7 5 11 Edition

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Have you ever worked for a micro-managing boss? You know the type. They tell you to do something then want to stop you and redirect you every ten minutes because they just assume you're doing it wrong, which usually means just like how they would do it. After a while you just don't see the sense of doing anything unless they tell you exactly what they want, when they want it and what color shirt/blouse your should be wearing while completing the task. Poor management and unproductive results always ensue. 

That is what government regulation is to business and job creation. When the government tries to manipulate the creation of jobs, you know, "shovel ready" type jobs, the result is always less than beneficial. It seems pretty simple to me. The government tries to create a job, while the market (free market) responds to a real need. Take for example the whole green jobs hoax. What green jobs are they talking about? How many "green jobs" are there, like right now? 

How much greenness do we really need? How come the green light bulbs I buy cost more and do not last as long as my old light bulbs? How come a "green" car cost so much more than a normal car, thus offsetting the savings paid for gasoline?

My point is this: those who believe in more government, for example Janice Hahn, will only make things worse. Why? Because their arrogance makes them believe they know better than anyone and that if "they" control the money (redistribution) all will be OK. It's all about elitist control.

Now contrast Janice Hahn with Craig Huey. If you work for a living, no matter the wage, taxes are a killer. High taxes and government regulation kill the economy, kill jobs, for everyone. Let me put it this way. You are a normal American. You don't make more than the average for all Americans. You work hard your whole life to make a better life for your children. You have managed to pay off your house and when you pass away you plan to pass it on to your children. No a chance, says the likes of Janice Hahn and liberal elitists. Your children must pay a massive tax on their inheritance. You see, to Janice Hahn, your wealth needs to be redistributed.

Huey vs. Hahn, Control vs. Freedom

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