Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: Stop The Ringmaster 7 26 11 Edition

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Happy No Tax Tuesday!

I looked at the paper this morning and the headline reads, "Obama: End debt 'circus'". Really? Didn't the President and the Democrats increase the debt by railroading bills through without even being read? You see I grew up with the ethic that if I created a mess I should clean it up. Don't ask someone else to clean it up for you. Now I have the President of the United States of America asking to borrow money that he will NOT pay back to clean up as in pay for the insanely stupid and useless bills and policies he has inflicted upon us all, Democrat, Republican and independents alike. It is time for the Ringmaster to stop clowning around and deal with the mess he made. 

The mess is this awful healthcare deform and economic policies that even his own party says are not working. Now, Obama wants me and my children and their children to clean up his stupid mess! No. Clean up and get out. I don't like that my healthcare costs have doubled since Obama, Pelosi, Reed and the Democrats passed a healthcare bill without reading the fine print. Do your own pooper-scooping, Mr. President.

I don't like that there are Czars for every conceivable deceptive control act imaginable. I despise people who arrogantly believe that we, as American citizens, are not smart enough or self-controlled enough to decide if our children should eat a happy meal or put salt on our food! By-the-way, Obama has 32 Czars, the most ever by any President. Czars do what? There are Climate, Afghanistan, Car, Auto Recovery Act, California Water Czars, and the list goes on. What do they get payed? I give up. What? Their pay is listed as between unknown (most), $158,500, $172,000, $197,000. Well, if the circus loses these clowns that would save at least $3M, not to mention any staff or office space costs.

In the end, if the ringmaster and chief Obama wants to end the circus he should he should make some tough cuts and stop trying to put on a show.
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