Monday, June 13, 2011

Weiner Rehabs What?

Anthony Weiner, NYC, May 2011 (Pre-"Weine...Image by Tony the Misfit via Flickr
I hear that Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner has entered a rehab facility. A rehab facility!? A rehab facility for what?

I mean really, I have heard of rehab for alcohol addiction, for drug addiction and maybe even for sex addiction. But, I didn't know they're was a rehab center for self-absorbed liberal jerks. What's it called, The Wild Bill Clinton Center for Narcissists? Weiner did first start out with a lie and then move to the "people just want me to do my job" deflection made famous by Wild Bill himself.

Many of my liberal friends tried to tell me it is just a personal thing and should have no bearing on his political life. I suppose it was very personal to the women he Tweated. Isn't there a very basic level of morals that should be seen here? Is there no connection between what a man does and who he is? I have been taught that what I did while I was alone was who I really was. 

If A. Weiner is getting treatment, what kind of treatment could he possibly be receiving? Could it be a Crackberry addiction gone wild? Are his thumbs OK? Maybe they have discovered a link between liberalism, Crackberrys and sending Tweats of a sexual nature to women who want to discuss politics with a "politician"? What would they do, show him pictures of himself with electric shock therapy? What medication could you possibly offer someone like Weiner?

What therapy teaches right from wrong? THAT IS WHAT ANTHONY WEINER NEEDS. 
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